March 22, 2016

Yes, yes, yes!

Yes, yes, yes! I have finished Figment! The long story—or short novel—is just shy of 30,000 words. I've been working on this project for years. In fact, recently I was doing an archaeological dig in my files, and I turned up early versions from decades ago. The concept haunts me.

This book is my answer.

Along the way, I confused and confounded myself. But finally I unraveled the story that I wanted to tell. Originally, I stamped Erotic Metafiction as the subtitle. Unfortunately, on Amazon, several of my titles are difficult to find unless you type in the title and subtitle exactly. I wanted Figment to be easy to find.

What I learned near the end, was that—holy fuck, this is only the beginning. Which made me ungodly pleased, because I didn't want to lose all the characters yet. I wasn't ready to see them go.

Trust me when I say that this is by far the strangest story I've ever written. And also the one I am most proud of. For backstory, check out: Remind yourself...

But better yet, please buy the book. This is indie erotica that is dear to my heart, and your support is greatly appreciated.



Miz Angell said...

YAY! It’s done! I’ve been waiting, on the edge of my seat, with my coffee mug in one hand and – ahem – well, never mind what was in the other. ;) Going to buy it – RIGHT NOW.

Alana Noel Voth said...

Yay! I can't wait to read this. XO.

BJ in Baltimore said...

Wow, Alison. That's all I can say. Wow. You have blown me away. You always do, but this time--unfuckingbelievable.

I tip my proverbial hat to you.

Alison Tyler said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Honestly, I'm still a little dazed at finishing. That novella took me longer than many of my novels put together. I've stopped trying to figure out why some works are like that. I'm just fucking grateful (I just wrote "greatful") that I finished!