April 24, 2016

I should have...

While cleaning up this week, I fumbled over this note (written on the back of a letter dated 12/97) that is yet another fragment of Figment. This title clearly haunted me for years. I'm now powering through a book I had on hold for a little while. But I broke through a hurdle, tore down a dam, surfed over a... basically, I had a brainwave, and I know where I'm going.

For someone with as bad a sense of direction as I have, this is sublime.

In news of the strange, two different interactions caused me to write what I guess are poems this week. One when I brushed up against Somer Canon...

And the other following a conversation with David and Nancy.

Here's hoping your weekend has been glorious and filled with adventure.



Cora Zane said...

Your poems are wonderful. I especially love Adulthood.

There must be something in the air for transformations and deep changes. My life is swirling with it now. It's a rollercoaster. Then last night I was sorting through some notes for a story that's been nagging me a long time (I've struggled to write it after several tries), and I found one of my fave snips from a x4 abandoned story -

“Just a sec,” she called after Kat, and stopped long enough to sit on the curb, which was rough and cold and kind of damp even though it had not rained in over a week. She dropped the pair of clunky silver sparkle heels she had carried from the house by the back straps and, one by one, slipped them onto her feet. When they were both buckled, not too tight but tight enough, she stood up skyscraper tall and long-legged almost to the point of teetering thanks to the heels. Sexiest goddamn shoes she had ever owned, and she couldn’t wear them anywhere unless it was somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be. ◙

It's a well-loved piece, but it seems destined to remain in a box under the bed. Still I keep telling myself, one of these days...


Miz Angell said...


Especially the second one considering I lived it, for eight years. :( Makes me a little sad to remember. But it's still lovely.