May 23, 2016

Reboot • Reset • Restart • Rewrite

I've been a publisher, an editor, and a writer for most of my adult life. But recently, I jettisoned two of the titles. Which leaves writer.

This shift in perspective has taken me a little while to get used to. I feel as if I've recently rebooted. Restarted my engines. Rewritten my DNA. Reset my perspective.

I'm reminded of the scene in High Fidelity where Rob writes down his five dream jobs and the last one is architect. Laura says:

"It's got to be architecture then, has it?"
"I guess."
"Seven years' training."
I shrug.
"Are you prepared for that?"
"Not really."
"No, I didn't think so."
"I'm not sure I really want to be an architect."
"So you've got a list here of five things you'd do if qualifications and time and history and salary were no object, and one of them you're not bothered about."
"Well, I did put it at number five."

(God, I love this whole scene. In the book and the film.)

The truth is that being a writer is all I want to be. All I know how to do. If I were to make a list of my dream jobs, there'd really only be one. 

My dream job list:

1. Writer
2. Writer
3. Writer
4. Writer
5. Writer

What a beautiful fucking word.


P.S. Your support means everything to me. Each time one of my indie titles sells, I am seriously thrilled. An Every-So-Often Orgy, The Dom Channel, and Alison After Dark cost about as much as a gourmet cup of coffee. Sip me slowly. Savor every drop.

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BJ in Baltimore said...


As a reader, I will be very sad to see no more collections of stories with "Edited by Alison Tyler" on the cover. It was always all I needed to see to know how much I would enjoy the contents. And the introduction.

As a now-fellow-writer, I get that you just want to write.

As a human being, I applaud you for doing what you want to do. Life is too short not to be living it on your own terms. The older I get, the more I grasp the concept.