July 17, 2016

Cream Rises

I read "National Ice Cream Day" as National Cream Day. Paul said, "That sounds like a writing prompt..." So I wrote.

Cream Rises
by Alison Tyler

"Cream rises," he said. "Good things always come to the top."


"You know what I mean." He winked at her. "Life has a way of sifting, of shifting, so that what you don't need falls away, and what you crave is lifted."


He wrapped her right wrist in a violet silk scarf and effortlessly, easily, bound her to the brass bedframe. He did the same to the left, using a cobalt scarf this time. She felt taut, pulled tight. He moved to her ankles. Was he making her into an X? Where was the spot to mark?

"Cream rises," he repeated, and his voice had gone a little whispery at the edges, a little gravelly down below. He was clothed and she was naked. Her body began to respond, her juices slickening the tops of her thighs.

"Cream?" she echoed, and he gazed up her body from between the V of her thighs and then kissed her lightly all the way, taking his time, savoring her. She was in the center of his bed, splayed wide. Open. His mouth on her skin caused pure powerful tremors to ripple through her. She shut her eyes. He made her float.

A nibble here. A small bite there. He could eat her with a spoon. There was no rushing. He devoured every move she made. The way her hips shimmied. The sweet flavor of her essence, like nothing he'd tasted before. Ambrosia. Desire. Heaven. Sin.

When he thrust his tongue between her juicy lips, he found her cherry. He licked and sucked. She sighed and begged. He slid his hands beneath her ass, cupped her vanilla cheeks. She shuddered as he pressed his face into her split and dined.


He'd come back. For seconds.


300 words. Microfiction. A sundae for Sunday. If you enjoy my shorts, consider playing along with my latest idea. My writing—mailed to you—all the details are here. You never know what I'm going to whip up next!



Paul Weimer said...

You wrote it! I'm delighted!

Miz Angell said...

One day, I promise, I will learn not to read you at work.