July 05, 2016

Moon Me

David said he liked my writing prompts, and it's been a while since I dangled one from the end of my string. So here we go. Using this picture (taken by David—how meta is that?), slam me hard with 100 words. Why 100? Because I worship micro fiction. You can send your polished piece to me at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.

Deadline 7/31. (There are 31 days in 7, right?)

Rules? Be over 18. Don't gross me out. Don't steal other people's words. All the usual b.s. Questions? I'm generally up.

Status report... I'm working on *all* of my projects right now. Seriously. I think I'm writing four novels and eight short stories. None are finished. Which is about par for my course. Average for my at bat. I always have to remind myself that I will finish. I do finish. I simply haven't finished yet.

But 100 words? I might take a swing myself.


P.S. If you want to seriously delight me, please order one of my indies. Every sale is so greatly appreciated.

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Miz Angell said...

YAY! A new prompt. I was literally just thinking this morning that I haven't been inspired to write in SO. LONG. And I was missing your prompts and sub calls.

Now, TO WRITE, perchance, to dream? :P