July 01, 2016

New Month. New Goals. New Wall.

When I woke up this morning, I realized it was July. And I thought: New month—new goals.

This year I started a new wall. Somewhere, I have a picture of my old wall. (Aha! I found it!) My new wall is making me six kinds of happy.

In fact, this year, I've started all sorts of things. (You should see my mind right now.) I'm juggling four novels and even more short stories. Starting is always easier for me than finishing. I'd always rather French kiss you hello then slip out the back door with a silent goodbye.

My favorite two projects at the moment revolve around coffee and keys. Two important themes, apparently, in my life. Coffee appears in 733 files on my hard drive. Keys show up in 1,760. I love what I'm working on, and I hope to have sneak peeks before too long.

One thing I've accepted since shifting my perspective is that I don't really know what I'm doing. I never have. I've always fallen backwards into projects. There has never been a plan. (Which I think is pretty obvious based on my crazy trajectory.)

But now I'm trying. So here is my idea: I have decided to attempt to sell 100 copies of Figment this month. I do not know if this is possible. Truly, my best-selling titles average 12 copies a month. (And I'm grateful for every last one.) But if you like my writing, and if you're into indies, and if you're at all curious about what I think is my best work, this would be the month to check me out.

In news of the silly, I put up a very short—micro-short—work this month. The whole thing is only a handful of words. But a friend dared me, and I said, "What the fuck," which can be dangerous. Zen and the Art of Plums is a compilation of all of the dual-meaning sentences we found ourselves saying about our plum tree. I actually thought I'd add more to the book if people send me in suggestions, so the book may grow over time. (Like the plum tree itself.)

What are your goals this month? This year? This life? Care to share?

I'll cut a plum...



F. Leonora Solomon said...

gosh you always inspire me, my to-do list is wicked--but you inspire me to grind...like a good coffee bean! xxx

Miz Angell said...

I'm with Leonora. You're an inspiration to me all the time. My to-do list has grown, my focus has shrunk, and I haven't written anything in months. But I'm going to get back on that horse, and hopefully there's a cowboy on him too.

Love the wall!