July 12, 2016

The Blues

This morning, I wrapped up a piece of micro fiction. I was shooting for 500 words. The finished product is actually 501. (I kind of love that.)

Years ago I created something called "Pay as You 'O'" — I put up a story, readers could download the PDF and then send me what they thought the words were worth.

This time, I thought I'd offer the piece in the mail. Yes, snail mail.

The story doesn't have explicit sex. My beta reader said, "It's like a romance... between a woman and her pants." I couldn't have summed up the words better myself.

If you're interested, email me your address to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com and we'll talk details.

Just one more crazy idea from your favorite trollop. Powered by coffee, just like Saint & Sinner. (Where my shirt is from.)


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