December 21, 2017

Meet pr0n

Recently, I took inventory of my sock drawer, as well as my current projects. It's slightly daunting to realize that I'm writing (simultaneously):

pr0n - a comic, science fiction erotic novella featuring an alien named pr0n
The Shift Key - a small-town shifter novella (is there something in the water?)
The Bad Hotel - a filthy scene in every room (go on, check in)
TOS - futuristic, post-apocolyptic, dystopian, but (you know) with sex
The Great Distraction - she's older, he's younger, and yet his key unlocks her door
The Very Stupid Girl - the best revenge fuck story I've ever written

These are the ones I've made progress on this year. There are others in play and in pieces, of course. What often keeps me up at nights (because dear lord, I'm up at nights) is the pressure to knock one thing off the shelf. I'm closing in on pr0n. The ending's right around the corner, possibly one chapter away. Then I will be polishing and posting. Currently, you can read up through Chapter 20 here for $1.

Why? Because pr0n understands what sex is... but he's about to fall in love.