January 03, 2018

Vintage Erotica, Alison-Style

Would you believe that one of my books is on sale for $48,500? Well, it's actually on sale for $48,499.99—but what's a penny between friends? Which collection is this? One of my impossible-to-find anthologies from way back in the day.... when I was billed as a rising voice in breathless, lesbian fiction. Why is the book so expensive? Because it simply didn't make the jump to e-book, although I have been planning (for more than nine years) to republish it. You know what they say about plans.

This is why I began posting the collection story by story on Patreon. I'm editing and annotating as I go. Revisiting (and revising) my words after twenty years is illuminating. What have I learned? Apartments, jealousy, roommates... these are themes I pack in my rucksack wherever I'm going. What else? Once upon a sensuously, I was deeply and passionately over-indulgent in my purply prose from time to time. (What's a adverb or two been friends?)

But I also am discovering that I can make things happen. I can reach the end of projects even if I take two deadlines (and a fuck lot of caffeine) to do it. So far, I've put up:

Blue Sky Sideways
My Darling, My Angel
The Confusion
Cherry Pie

And what's amusing (to me) is that (if I squint) I can still see the girl who wrote these words, once upon a blue moon ago. She's silver now, and I don't know if she's any wiser or not. But she's different in some ways and exactly the same in others. And maybe that's how she's supposed to be.