July 16, 2014

Let's Talk About Fuck

You know me and fuck. I love fuck. It's one of my favorite things to say, and (apparently) to title my blog posts with:

what the fuck...
I'm not going to fuck you.
dropping the f-bomb

And those are just some of my headers. When I did a quick search on my laptop, 2,499 files come up featuring the word "fuck."

Which is probably why I was so surprised to see the reviews of Allie Brosh's fabulous Hyperbole and a Half that were focused (negatively) on her use of the word "fuck." (Her dedication even reads, "What now, fucker?")

I mean, fucking hell man, what is wrong with people? There are so many more serious issues to be aggressive about. "Fuck" is a only word. I love words. "Fuck" has a cadence, a hardness, a power. "Fuck" can't hurt you. A good fuck can make you feel like you're flying.

Granted, Hyperbole and a Half has nearly a perfect 5 star rating out of 2,000 reviews. So I'm sure Ms. Brosh's not complaining. I'm simply the person who likes to poke around and see what readers are saying on the high and low ends of things. And the problems with "fuck" baffled me:

"I was not aware of some of the language. It was offensive to me and feel there should be a warning in the description."

All right, so I'm the bastard who wishes there was a big gold warning star on the book that said: THIS BOOK CONTAINS THE WORD FUCK. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, FUCKER?

In the sake of full disclosure, I will also say, I'm obsessed. I'll admit this freely. (For instance, I know that if you type in "fuck" on Amazon, you win 69,408 results. Did you know that?) Recently, Glamour published a write-up about a Saturday Night Live player who accidentally said "fuck" on her first show. In the magazine, Glamour referred to the word as f*ck. We all know she said "fuck." Why do we need the fucking asterisk? (I always read the word as "fick" or "feck" or "fock" when there's an asterisk.)

The New Yorker uses the word "fuck." (Thank fucking god. What a brilliant article!) The New Yorker treats us like we're adults.

What are we being protected from? I guess that's my real question. Are we back to the 80s era when Tipper Gore wanted to label the Filthy 15? Why not protect us from real issues—from being denied birth control. From being denied marriage.

I know that given my occupation I may be considered jaded. But at least I know the difference between a f*ck and a fuck.



Jeremy Wright said...

Well said. Our society is so fucked up. Can show people getting murdered and other violence and get a "PG" rating. Throw in a couple of "fucks" and now it is rated "R" I still believe most people that most of these people aren't actually offended, They just like to pretend to be holier than thou. Those people can fuck right off.

Jo said...

I'm sorry, but I just have to say: Fucking Americans.

Sigh. Such hardcore hypocrisy between what they choose to turn a blind eye to, and what they object to. Amazing.

Allie Brosh is queen of the world, I wish she knew it.

Darius Karada said...

One guy I worked with a long time ago was asked by management why a piece of equipment was not working. My coworker looked at the manager sincerely, "its like this, the fucking fucker's fucking well fucked."

it was sheer poetry.

Molly said...

And thank fuck for that....

My husband (American) says no one swears like the Brits. We turn curse words into nouns and adjectives like cunt into cuntery and fuck into fuckery... I have been know to say.. fucking fuckery fuck fucks... it just rolls of the tongue ;)


Miz Angell said...

I'm with Molly. It's so true. Even when they are the filthiest of words, they still sound...refined. LOL. Maybe it's the accent.

And as for fuck - well, I love that word, in every sense. I love using it several times a day, in different sentences and contexts.

It's amazing how much power one, little four letter word has huh?

168d7130-34d4-11e2-91ad-000bcdcb5194 said...

It's a good Anglo-Saxon word. Hell, there are studies that prove that saying "fuck" when you're injured takes the pain away more quickly than if you don't swear! (Some Scottish band had a song called "Slang" about that phenomenon even earlier than that...maybe Spare Snare? Can't remember. In the burr, the cussing sounded glorious.) And while we're at it, I hate when they bleep it on TV when you can still see the person's lips move. What idiots do they think we are? Bunch of lame-ass fuckers.


Tenille said...

Fuckin' right!

Sheri Savill said...

I have that t-shirt and wear it to bingo and baby showers.

Cora Zane said...

People have made a hobby out of being offended, and one nitpicking offense is just as good as another. That's why so many folks won't leave one good review anywhere, but they *will* bother to write a full ream of negative reviews on Amazon - where they're most visible. If the word "fuck" bothers someone so much that they need to write a review about it, I imagine they don't leave their house very often. Or they were pretty bored that day. Or they're kicking their own ass for not researching the book or author before buying it. Or they bought their book of offensive fucks and gave it to their kid unchecked. (BTW, I read the entire Hyperbole and a Half with the MiniBeast, who is 10, and we survived without any negative repercussions. What does he remember most about the book? The "poop" bird, and the dogs.) Most likely scenario is that the person upset about reading the word "fuck" had nothing else worth griping about that day, so "fuck" it is.