April 11, 2018

Love Code

Since November, I've (somehow) managed to finish, revise, update, polish, and publish:

Up next? Love Code! A novel that has taken me (literally) more than two decades to finish. If you are one of my Patreons, you're the first to receive any of my work. Plus, I'll mail you postcards, short stories, fingerless gloves, plaid-of-the-month, matchbox stories, and other doodads, depending on your level. 

Your enthusiasm helps me in innumerable ways. But let me numer a few:

1) money in the bank (seriously, you have no idea how grateful I am each month)
!) I'm not alone! (writing is a solitary activity—engaging with an audience is a treat)
Q) making connections around the globe—I have a serious hard-on for purchasing international stamps. Yes, I'm that geeky
9) using tech positively—I'm remain a low-tech girl in a high-tech world, but I'm over the moon to use the interwebs to discuss coffee, sex, fucking robots, etc.