July 22, 2014

Oleander "Trouble" Plume

You all are giving me one of those "message in a bottle" moments. I mean, really. I ordered a stack of tattoos, and I had no idea if I was going to wind up wearing all the ink myself. I can't say how excited these photos make me.

Oleander Plume is the second vixen to send me several fierce snapshots of herself sporting my Bound for Trouble tattoo. I have recently had the pleasure of working with Ms. Plume several times. Her delicious story "Portraits of You" will appear in my upcoming collection Just for Her. (And yes, for those playing along at home, that's a cover reveal.) Ms. Plume said: "This was so much fun! Since I used to work in graphic design (and I'm a text junkie), I embellished with words... Of course, my lovely assistant, Antonio, insisted on being included."

And we're all so happy he did!

To get your own Bound for Trouble tattoos, simply drop me a note to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com with your snail mail address.

Also, if you're following along on my Those Boys tour, stop at Inara Serene's today.


July 21, 2014

Trollop with a Question #14

I promised to put up the fabulous Bound for Trouble tattoo photos by Oleander Plume today—but that was only because I forgot what day it was. So I will be posting those (seriously sultry) snapshots tomorrow. Today is Monday. I like saying that only because Monday = Trollop with a Question.

And I have a very personal question for you:

Dom. Sub. Switch. (Or, of course, none of the above. Which is totally valid.) Wait. I didn't really phrase that like a question. (Alex Trebek would be so disappointed.)

Are you a Dom, a sub, or a switch?

There. That's better. And if you are one—what type are you? Sub, masochist, with a vicious pain streak. Dom who enjoys playing with emotions and rope bondage. Dabbler into handcuffs and blindfolds, but nothing more. BDSM fanatic, but only in the pages of a magazine. Pro-domme who favors quirts and crops. Switch with the boyfriend, sub with the husband...

I'm feeling a little Five Easy Pieces here: hold the butter, the lettuce, the mayonnaise...

Or even like those fabulous frisky personal ads in the Wild Side columns I used to read as porn.

This question is totally appropriate for me today, because Those Boys is out. Yes. It's out. And Sandy is a Dom bisexual switch who occasionally seems to take residence in my head and demand to have his story told. For an interview with Sandy, please head to Jade A. Waters.


P.S. If you answered last week's query—and you'd like a prize from the bottom of the Cracker Jack box—I mean, from me—please hit me with your snail mail address to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.

July 20, 2014

"She’s made him real..."

I've been writing forever. (Not only since the wee hours of today, but I mean, I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't have a story in progress.) Once upon a time, my insanely divine history teacher—oh, man, everyone loved her—said we could pen a term paper on a specific decade, or write a story set in a decade that incorporated a certain amount of facts about the time period. (I've mentioned this before. I know.)

I chose the 1920s, and I wrote a piece about a sax player suffering a break-up who slips back in time 60 (or so) years, falls in love, and stays in the 20s. He happens to land just in time for the Valentine's Day Massacre, if I remember correctly—so I must have hit the tail end of the decade.

My teacher read the piece out loud, and my fellow classmates looked around madly for the author. Students guessed who'd written the story—and nobody (not one person) believed a girl was the author. It was a shocking revelation to my classmates that 1) a boy hadn't written the piece and 2) I could write like that.

Writing from a male POV is exciting to me. I've done it periodically over the years, and I'm always attempting to hone my skill. Which is why I'm thrilled to lead you over to Jade Waters' blog today for an interview with Sandy from Those Boys.

The novella will officially be released tomorrow. However, you can buy your copy today at Go Deeper Press!


July 19, 2014

Eavesdropping with Tequila

Tamsin Flowers and I were bantering back and forth (like you do), and I wound up saying that "Eavesdropping with Tequila" sounded like a title. And she said, "Oh, I know that story... an erotica writer with writer's block goes to her local bar to drink tequila and find inspiration. She starts listening in to the conversation at the next table — it's about a certain club she's never heard of. She gets so engrossed, she doesn't realize they're totally aware of her interest and..."

This is where you come in. If you want to, why not riff on the story starter and hit me with a mini piece to post here. Just the next bit of the story. Once upon a time, Amazon hosted a contest like this with John Updike. Other writers added to the story until the piece was complete.

I don't know if this will work or not, but if you have the time, pen the next installment, I'll slip one up, and we'll continue. (I'm at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.)

Oh, and please don't forget to follow along on my Those Boys tour!


July 18, 2014

Inara "Trouble" Serene

I am so totally thrilled by this, I can hardly type! Inara Serene has come through in a major way with my first photo submission for my Is "Trouble" Your Middle Name tattoo contest for Bound for Trouble. And look—she kind of hit it out of the park. I never would have thought to recreate the cover! I am in awe...and, you know, I want her lipstick.

Here is a side-by-side shot she did as well...

Inara says, "I attempted a cover recreation for the inked up BFT promo. There are some obvious differences, one of which being I'm not a model, but I think it's close enough!"

Oh, yes. It's more than close enough. You absolutely rocked my week!

Inara Serene is a "twenty-something incurable flirt" who caught my attention with her short story "Just His." The opening line is: "Please sir, will you hurt me?" You'll hold your breath as you read the entire piece. Be on the lookout for her wit and snark on Twitter and Blogger.

If you would like a tattoo, too, drop me a note to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com!


July 17, 2014

"Come Fuck Me."

You know that dream you have, where you're naked, and everyone can see you. They're pointing. You're covering yourself up. Maybe a phone starts to ring. People move closer... the room tilts. There's nothing you can do. You hold on, you dig in your heels...but slowly, you slide into their waiting arms...

Well, actually, that's not what happened at all. But lately, I own the feeling that I'm forgetting something. Like my clothes. Or an important date. And look at that—I did.

I was supposed to be hosting
A.M. Hartnett yesterday, and yet I thought today was tomorrow—or my date was tomorrow. (Which sort of makes sense, if you're me.)

So bear with me—or bare with me—as I try my best to catch up. (Yesterday for me was really a one-step forward, six steps back kind of a day. And I don't even tango.)

I asked
Ms. Hartnett if there was a special phrase she'd share from her new book. She gave me two to choose from. One was "Bombshell," which she said is "the pet name Brendan has for Carrie in Uncover Me." 

Okay, I love that. I love that he calls her "Bombshell." I adore nicknames in general.
Sommer Marsden won my heart with her "nicknames are like secrets." My man calls me "vampire" (inspired by my insomnia). 

But then
Ms. Hartnett added, "for a more gender-neutral phrase you could use 'Come fuck me.'"

Well, that fits so
sweetly into my fuck theme, I couldn't resist.

If you would like a shot at a set of "Come fuck me" pencils (from the fabulous
Carbon Crusader), please be sure to comment on this post! Now, for more about Uncover Me...

Uncover Me:

There's a heart inside every fantasy.

The photos are becoming a compulsion for Carrie. As soon as she wakes up, she feels the need to engage with the readers of her erotic website, Dirty Pictures. No matter how hard she tries to focus on her real life the need is always there. The high is knowing that men desire her.

One day a comment on her erotic website makes Carrie go cold: one of her readers, Brendan, has recognised a landmark in the window of one of her pictures. Brendan knows where to find her and has sent a tantalising private message. His invitation to play was so tempting in no time at all, in a variety of settings, their sensual adventures become wild. Her sexual and emotional reawakening reaches peaks she never imagined possible.

But Carrie finds it difficult to treat their relationship as casual. Terrified of heartbreak, she breaks off her affair with Brendan. Her previous relationship left her in tatters and she’s too scared to take such a chance again. Brendan endured a broken marriage so she’s not alone in her confusion and reticence. But can Carrie ever hope to be more than his fantasy girl?

Reviewers say, "It's hot, it's sexy, it's very raunchy and also has humor that can knock your socks off. Who doesn't love a book with all of the above?"

Read a little behind-the-scenes at Sommer Marsden

Delve into a delightful Q&A at Justine Elyot
Get saucy at Lucy Felthouse
Kink your kindle at Violet Blue

Now, before you rush off, I want to introduce you to A.M. Hartnett's latest series (available on July 31st): The Deep End (Carried Away, Book 1).

Finally, a mini bio: A.M. Hartnett published her first erotic short in 2006. Since then, she has been featured in several anthologies, including Cleis' Going Down, Sudden Sex, and Best Erotic Romance 2013.



July 16, 2014

Let's Talk About Fuck

You know me and fuck. I love fuck. It's one of my favorite things to say, and (apparently) to title my blog posts with:

fuck you, fuck me
what the fuck...
fuck off
I'm not going to fuck you.
dropping the f-bomb
fuck yoga

And those are just some of my headers. I use "fuck" in 1468 posts. When I did a quick search on my laptop, 2,499 files come up featuring the word "fuck."

Which is probably why I was so surprised to see the reviews of Allie Brosh's fabulous Hyperbole and a Half that were focused (negatively) on her use of the word "fuck." (Her dedication even reads, "What now, fucker?")

I mean, fucking hell man, what is wrong with people? There are so many more serious issues to be aggressive about. "Fuck" is a only word. I love words. "Fuck" has a cadence, a hardness, a power. "Fuck" can't hurt you. A good fuck can make you feel like you're flying.

Granted, Hyperbole and a Half has nearly a perfect 5 star rating out of 2,000 reviews. So I'm sure Ms. Brosh's not complaining. I'm simply the person who likes to poke around and see what readers are saying on the high and low ends of things. And the problems with "fuck" baffled me:

"I was not aware of some of the language. It was offensive to me and feel there should be a warning in the description."

All right, so I'm the bastard who wishes there was a big gold warning star on the book that said: THIS BOOK CONTAINS THE WORD FUCK. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, FUCKER?

In the sake of full disclosure, I will also say, I'm obsessed. I'll admit this freely. (For instance, I know that if you type in "fuck" on Amazon, you win 69,408 results. Did you know that?) Recently, Glamour published a write-up about a Saturday Night Live player who accidentally said "fuck" on her first show. In the magazine, Glamour referred to the word as f*ck. We all know she said "fuck." Why do we need the fucking asterisk? (I always read the word as "fick" or "feck" or "fock" when there's an asterisk.)

The New Yorker uses the word "fuck." (Thank fucking god. What a brilliant article!) The New Yorker treats us like we're adults.

What are we being protected from? I guess that's my real question. Are we back to the 80s era when Tipper Gore wanted to label the Filthy 15? Why not protect us from real issues—from being denied birth control. From being denied marriage.

I know that given my occupation I may be considered jaded. But at least I know the difference between a f*ck and a fuck.


July 15, 2014

Do You Know Where I Am?

That's kind of a trick question, I guess, because I don't really know either. I mean — I'm here, at my desk (well, dining room table) typing. It's wee early. But I'm also... here! See, the fabulous ladies at Pillow Talk decided to chat about Those Boys and I am all aflutter. (Those Boys is the sequel to Those Girls. Currently, I'm working on the prequel!)

Now, you know me and eavesdropping. I'm an addict. When I read along with the Pillow Talk chat, I felt as if I'd been transported to the diner of my dreams. I was leaning back in the scarlet vinyl booth, soaking up the conversation of the femme fatales behind me. Yes, tequila was involved.

Pillow Talk is made of Jade A. Waters, Malin James, and Tamsin Flowers. Please follow along with their sultry conversation about Those Boys (out from Go Deeper Press on 7/21).

Quick Confession: I have had the pleasure now to work with all three of these dreamboat authors. Jade A. Waters knocked me on my ass with her story 73 A—out in early 2015 in Just for Him. Here is the opening line that made me sit up and pay attention:

You're working on my fence right now, and all I can think about is sucking your cock.

The story leads the book.

Malin James captured my heart with her very first sentence for The Assistant (currently slotted into a manuscript so fresh and wet, I cannot reveal the title).

"You have less than ten minutes. Make me come."

Tamsin Flowers kickstarts Bound for Trouble with Tea or Coffee?

So, hell, now I find myself hog tied, wrists bound to ankles with silky red rope, in the swanky riverside apartment of some guy that, until just over an hour ago, I'd never laid eyes on.

All right, so now... you know where I am. I know where I am. If someone could only tell me what day it is, I'd be golden.


July 14, 2014

Trollop with a Question #13

It's Monday. Really. I had to pinch myself to make sure. And yup. It's Monday. Which means I am going to toss out a new question for you. Here's the wind-up. And now... the pitch... (How obvious is it that I know nothing about playing ball? Wait. That's not the question!)

What's the nicest thing a stranger ever did for you?

This query was inspired by a note I received on behalf of Sommer Marsden. A note from someone who has never met her but who wants to help. I was blown away.

In searching "stranger" on my blog, I found this post which tickled me all over again.


P.S. Did you answer last week's question? Don't forget to drop me a note to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. I live to send you prizes.

July 13, 2014

I'm on a Boat

Actually, I'm not on a boat now. But I was yesterday. And my Levi's smell like herring. Even after three times through the washing machine. (Which means I've been spending a little too much time looking at jeans this morning. And I have a new pair of dedicated "boat jeans" to wear in the future.)

That's my excuse as to why I am late mentioning the lovely, um, mention from Ms. Violet Blue. Check out her latest Kink Your Kindle list of luminaries! She gave a nod to two of my short-shorts, and she hit me with one of my first pop-ups on my Bound for Trouble Pop-Up Porn Tour!

Violet is an unbelievably supportive editor, writer, and oh let's just say it—rebel vixen. Well, you all know how I feel about her. I love when she shares the wealth in her round-ups. She even made a brand-new slot for her Kinky Kindle Selections.

In other news, Pretty Things Press received a delightful nod to our title Open: Five Filthy Bisexual Erotic Stories. We made this list: A Mini-Guide to Satisfying Summer Reads. Tenille BrownSommer Marsden, Saskia Walker, Sophia Valenti, and I all wrote shorts for this book. (Oh, Sommer Marsden is live-writing a new novel on her blog. Check it out from the beginning. You're not too late!)

And Dark Secret Love got its own Press Release that made me six kinds of happy.

So there's my latest. Don't forget to:

answer my question
enter the Trollop Erotic Book Awards
slip me a review
eat me

Brand-new Trollop with a Question query tomorrow!


July 12, 2014

K is for Bargain

Right now, if you have a Kindle, you can purchase K is for Kinky for 99 cents. This collection features erotic short stories by authors including Donna George Storey, N.T. Morley, Thomas S. Roche, and Emerald. In my humble little opinion, it's like a little pocketbook of total kink.

Reviewers said: "Deviantly written." "One of the strongest in Tyler's alphabet series." And "Kinky done in good taste."

Whenever I run into one of my little ABC books, I have a longing to finish the series. The titles for the remaining alphabet letters are spelled out in my notes. Maybe one of these days... You never know!


July 10, 2014

And Then There Were Three

I'm hopeful that I have these titles in order. According to my (hard-to-read) notes, my first books for Cleis Press were:

#1 Best Bondage Erotica
#2 Heat Wave (currently on sale on Kindle for $1.99!)

And I believe #3 was Three Way, which is kind of appropriate if you think about it. Three Way features a killer line-up of authors. Here's my TOC:

Share by M. Christian
Three for the Money by Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Endings by Julia Moore
Third Party by Dawn M. Pares
The New Fiancee by N.T. Morley
Nine Ball, Corner Pocket by Michelle Houston
Two Guys and a Girl by Thomas S. Roche
Circle of Friends by Rebecca Henderson
1-900-Fantasy by Dante Davidson
In Town for Business by Zach Addams
If You Can Make It There, You Can Make It Anywhere by A.J. Stone
Trepidation by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Cast of Three by Emilie Paris
Pink Elephants by Eric Williams
The Space Between by Helena Settimana
Harvest Time by Saskia Walker
Craving Faces by Tom Piccirilli
The Scarless by Marcelle Perks
All McQueen's Men by Alison Tyler
State of Grace by Sommer Marsden
Jezebel by Sophia Valenti

The title has had three covers—if memory serves—and the last version featured an update with two new stories and a foreword by Shanna Germain.

One reviewer wrote: "Quite a collection! I just bought this book and LOVED the stories! My husband and I read some together, and let's just say... WOW!"

Amos Lassen said: "Reading this book is like apple pie ala mode but with an extra scoop of ice cream—yes, it is that much fun."

Kissin' Blue Karen stated: "...some of the hottest menage a trois in print in some of the most original ways..."

Three Way received a really thoughtful review from City Book Reviews.

This "Once Upon a Time" feature is my way of wrangling the 50 collections I've curated for Cleis Press. It will take me more than four years to discuss these books if I parse them out one a month. But I'm really enjoying the ride in the wayback machine. Authors, if you would like me to link you elsewhere, please drop me a note! And readers, if you are interested in reviewing the title for my "Next 99," hit me up at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.


July 09, 2014

"Kink That Makes You Think"

Twisted recently received this truly divine review from The Portland Book Review: "The thing to love most about Alison Tyler is that she writes and produces kink that makes you think — about erotica, about bondage, about your relationship to both, about literary fiction, about kink itself and your place in relation to all of the above..."

I'm tempted to have that phrase tattooed (somewhere special) on my body. Kink that makes you think. That's all I want to write. I am so damn pleased with this collection. But I may be even more pleased that a reviewer saw exactly what I was trying to do. What I always try to do.

At this moment, I'm wrangling a kink collection into submission. I'm at that place of—is it right? Is it finished? Can I send this off and take a cocktail? (I mean, a breath.) A vote of confidence like this one does wonders for my psyche. Thank you, Axie Barclay and The Portland Book Review!


July 08, 2014

"a side order of naughty"

Photo by Tamsin Flowers
You have no idea how happy I am to wake up to new pictures like this in my in box. Oh, well. Maybe you have some idea. Maybe you heard that squeal of delight all the way to your house. But just in case you didn't—I'm thrilled!

This photo is from Tamsin Flowers, who said:

Here is my lunch today—a chicken and avocado salad so virtuous that it needed a side order of naughty!

Not only that, Tamsin has popped-up for my Pop-Up Porn tour! (Whenever Bound for Trouble is mentioned, I am trying to grab the link for my tour. Point me in the correct direction, please, if you see something that I miss.)


P.S. If you were looking for something to pass the time, I've got you covered.

July 07, 2014

Trollop with a Question #12

I am so proud! We've been bantering about Q's and A's for the past three months. How cool is that? I don't think I've missed a Monday yet! (This is more of an accomplishment than you might understand, because I rarely know which day it is.)

Here is this week's question: What is your favorite comfort food?

Why am I asking? Because I have zero confidence in my cooking ability, and I'm always interested in knowing what other people do in the kitchen.

So. What's your favorite? Where do you find it? (Donuts at a 24-hour diner? Chips and salsa on your sofa at midnight? If it's complicated, share a recipe!)

Oh, and on the subject of food—if you take a photo of any of my books with any of your meals, I will post the pictures here and on my yummy Pinterest board. And then I'll send you a new book as a thank you. Win-win!


P.S. Of course, if you answered my question last week, drop me a note to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com with your snail mail address. I'll mail you a prize!

The Smutty Results are In!

The Smut Marathon (Round 5) ended last night at midnight. Here are the results—in a legible fashion:

First place went to Entry #1, which was written by Alison Winchester.

Second place went to Entry #6, which was written by Marie Rebelle.

Third place went to Entry #7, which was written by Oleander Plume.

Entry #3 was written by Kal Cobalt
Entry #4 was written by RenĂ©e Russell
Entry #5 was written by Poetic Desires
Entry #8 was written by Angell Brooks

Unfortunately, we have to say farewell to the author of Entry #2—Darius. Things are getting tougher now. That's for sure. I absolutely appreciate everyone's talent in this contest—and everyone's patience and graciousness. You are all fabulous. Thank you!

Contestants, I'll have a new challenge for you shortly. Readers, hey, check out the sizzling line-up for Bound for Trouble while I have you.


July 06, 2014

Bound for Trouble—Meet the Authors

The official release date for Bound for Trouble is July 15th—although Amazon is actually listing the books in stock now. (Exciting!) I just realized—well, I realized in the middle of the night, but I didn't get out of bed to address the issue—that I haven't posted the remarkably sexy table of contents yet.

So here goes:

• Tea or Coffee? by Tamsin Flowers
• Simple Pleasures by Sophia Valenti
• Paper Chains by Annabeth Leong
• Ropenosis by Teresa Noelle Roberts
• I, Robot by Heidi Champa
• Magic Boots by Amy Dillon
• One Rope by Graydancer
• Discovering Her Wrists, Bound by Saskia Walker
• In Her Sights by Kiki DeLovely
• Deeper by Beatrix Ellroy
• Unwinding Alice by Benjamin Eliot
• My Pretty Pony by D.L. King
• Monthly by Vida Bailey
• Doing It By the Book by Tilly Hunter
• Sex Party Magic by Kristy Lin Billuni
• The Other Side of the Ropes by Kathleen Tudor
• Business Wear by K. Lynn
• The Kissing Party by Rachel Kramer Bussel
• That's Nota  Scrunchie by Giselle Renarde
• Valles Marineris by Laila Blake
• What She Has by Sommer Marsden
• Through the Door by Andrea Dale
• Sitting Pretty by Alison Tyler

Authors, if you'd like to me link to a different site, please drop me a note. I'll have contributor copies and payment shortly. Please help spread the word about this beautiful book of bondage! And don't forget about my "Pop-Up Porn Tour" and my offer of ink.


July 05, 2014

Flash Fuck Me (Again)

Photo by Riendo
Years ago, I began a blog called Flash Fuck Me to showcase the brilliant flash-style fiction that I adore. (I think the blog grew out of a writing challenge. I was so happily overwhelmed by the short submissions, I showcased the pieces on the stand-alone blog.)

 I've always had a crush on short stories. You can steal my heart with a handful of choice words. (Maybe that explains my hard-on for pencils with words, pendants with words, t-shirts with words. There's a limited space. You have to be wise with each letter.)

Sadly, Flash Fuck Me has been dormant for several years. But I'm thrilled to have a brand-new post up today by Annabeth Leong, complete with a photo illustration by the remarkable Riendo who never fails to take my breath away. Annabeth Leong's next novel is Untouched. Her short work appears in  more than 40 anthologies including Bound for Trouble.

If you're interested in submitting to my flasher blog, drop me a note at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.


July 04, 2014

I need you tonight...

Actually, I need you all the time. But I have a particularly pointed request right now. Wrapped Around Your Finger is going to press in September. The first two books in the series were Dark Secret Love and The Delicious Torment. I have (on my laptop) the raw, uncut manuscripts for books four, five, and six. But Cleis won't slip me a contract unless this initial trio trends well.

To date, these novels are by far my best received:

• Dark Secret Love won this stellar review from Publishers Weekly.
Violet Blue said, "I love this."
• RT Book Reviews gave The Delicious Torment a 4.5 star rating.
Dark Secret Love won the Gold Ippy in Erotica.
Dark Secret Love was honorably mentioned by Foreword Reviews.
The Delicious Torment received one of my favorite reviews ever.
Dark Secret Love snagged a 5-Star from City Book Reviews.
The Delicious Torment grabbed a 5-Star from City Book Reviews,

Here's a more thorough list of reviews—if I missed you, come knocking on my door!

I honestly don't have any idea how to trend better. (I've always considered myself more retro than trendy.)

So I'm appealing to you. If you enjoyed my first two—and if you haven't already done so—would you please write me a review? Every bit helps in spreading the word.

Also, if you are interested in reviewing Wrapped Around Your Finger—drop me a note to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. I'm compiling a list for Cleis.

Personally, I think the second part of the trilogy is even stronger, darker, and more deviously exciting than the first. I want to fly you to Paris. I want to doll you up and lead you to the sex club. I want to stay up all night with you—drinking from a flask on the banks of the Seine.

Help me get you there.


Read Me Today...

Ooooh! Go Deeper has posted a luscious taste from Those Boys—which officially will be released on July 21. This novelette is the sequel to Those Girls. If you'd like to be part of the tour, please check out my line-up and choose a date. I am currently working on a full-length prequel to the stories. (The other morning, when I was visibly delighted because I'd uncovered missing notes... those notes were for Those Days!)

I adore writing from a male point of view, and I'm grateful that Go Deeper has allowed me to do so. Not simply allowed—encouraged.

Here is a little bit about Those Girls plus a snip of a story that became Sitting Pretty (out now in Bound for Trouble).

Right now, in case you're keeping score, I am...

collection submissions for the Trollop Erotic Book Awards
having lunch with you
being spotted on your bookstore shelves
petting words
drinking 99 bottles of beer—I mean, gathering 99 reviews
rocking the vote
popping up, porn-style
and giving away 17 short stories

Wow, I'm feeling all kinds of interactive lately. Which is funny, since I'm pathetically anti-social. Next week, I'll be toasting you with a brand-new idea. (There's a hint in that.)