April 29, 2010

Pocket Erotica

I was going through old notes last night — see, I wasn't just watching TV on my computer, I was cleaning my office while watching TV on my computer. And I found this notebook filled with plans for Pretty Things Press. One concept I had was for a series of books I was calling "Pocket Erotica: Put 'Erotic' In Your Pocket." (A play on "put a rocket in your pocket.") My plan was to bring out pulp-novel sized smut books, like the vintage ones you find for .35 cents. Super short novels that cut right to the chase — all the sex, some of the plot. You know? With luscious, sexy covers.

At first, when I saw the notes, I felt bummed — I'm at a place where printing books is a dream.

But then I realized — I'm doing this! I'm putting erotica in people's pockets with the Kindles and the iPhones! We've got gorgeous covers and enticingly erotic interiors:

Sure, the format is different from what I initially envisioned, but hey. I'm flexible.


P.S. You try to find something that fits "erotic" + "pocket" on ETSY. It's not easy! This pendant is fucking awesome, though. I just have to go look up my hanky code.