March 07, 2011

Catch 69

I like that better than Catch 22. Okay, here is the way the modern world works. One of our Pretty Things Press titles has gone out of print. An online bookstore continually orders the book, although I have done everything in my power to say, "This book is no longer available." No results. Orders keep coming. ("Why not reprint the book?" you ask, smartly. These orders are for very tiny quantities. No way for me to do even a short run without losing mucho dinero.) Anyway, I select, "Cancelled: Permanently Out of Print," but the store gives me an error message.


Apparently, I have to tell them *when* I am going to be shipping the permanently out of print title that I am not shipping to them, because, yeah, it's permanently out of print.

I don't know. I guess I could ship those books yesterday. Or hell, maybe tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty whimsical. Maybe I'll ship them in March 08. I had a lot of stock back then. On my desktop is the nifty packing slip that the store creates for the books that don't exist.

Suddenly, I feel as if I'm in a porn version of Kafka.


P.S. I knew of all my favorite ETSY sellers, Beanforest wouldn't let me down.