June 26, 2008

infamously intelligent, classy, and dirty as hell

Oooh, did you hear that noise? That was me squealing with delight! Look at this lush review of my blog from the delicious Jane's Guide!

Trollop with a Laptop
This is the blog of the well known erotica author Alison Tyler. Lippy Imp has three nice reviews of her work in the Erotica Anthologies section of our website, and we obviously like her a lot around here. Her work is infamously intelligent, classy, and dirty as hell...which is just the way I like it! Her blog is a nice mixture of the same elements, with a good portion of authenticity thrown in. Reading through her entries I learned a lot about her creative process, as well as some of the emotional stuff that can come along with being in this line of work. I empathized deeply as I read about some of the crummy feelings that can come up when you are treated like a sideshow freak by people because you work in the adult industry. You can love your work a lot, but it still stings when people treat you like the bearded lady. I'm right there with ya sister! Luckily, the fun times make up for it. Alison currently has a "panty parade" going on over at the website right now, so people are sending her pictures of themselves in their underpants. It is really cute. I noticed Violet Blue made a contribution, so you shouldn't miss that. An informative, creative, sexy, and authentic blog by a really talented young woman. - Vamp
Date Reviewed: 2008-06-26
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Category Listings: Blogs / Journals - Sex