April 16, 2009

The American Society of Spanking

Sommer has corrupted me. No, not in the way that you're thinking. (Wait, what are you thinking? It was Kristina Lloyd who corrupted me that way. In the kitchen. With the equine speculum. Damn. I can never ever spell "equine" correctly. But "speculum" just somehow rolls off my fingertips.) What I was saying is that Sommer's style of misreading has spread to me. Somehow. Like, I saw "CNN Anchor's Mother Turns to Smut," and I read "turns to Smurf."

And yesterday, I saw a sign that read: The American Society of Spanking. And I'm thinking—ASS? That's so clever! Then I did a double-take and realized that the sign read: The American Society of Banking. Oh, well. Not that interesting at all. When I passed the sign a third time, I saw that it read: The American Society of Baking.

For fuck's sake.
I really need to get my eyes checked.
Or my ass banked.



jothemama said...

Nothing like a bit of ass banking.

Or ass bakingI couldn't choose just one...

Alison Tyler said...

All I can say to that is—wow, Jo! You made a link!


jothemama said...

First time too!

I have done it before, you know, but only after ten tries...

though I see I've messed up my spacing.

To the American Spanking Society with me. There must be one, surely?

Smut Girl said...

where do i sign up? spanking. baking. i'm not picky. either one works.


Justine Elyot said...


It does exist!

Alison Tyler said...

That's fabulous! I had done a quick search before the post, and I hadn't found anything.

Then I spent way too long trying to make up an acronym that would include Jo and other international readers. (You know, not only limit ourselves to American Asses.)

I tried PAIN: Punishing American (and) International Naughtiness

And then I put down the shot of tequila and walked away from the computer...


ste said...

I expect American Spanking is as good as any other kind!

jothemama said...

WAP -Worldwide Association of ...

what am I DOING? I don't have time for this! I shouldn't be here!